With Cutting-Edge Expertise: Harnessing Neuroscience, Emotional Intelligence, and Behavioral Analysis for Customized, High-impact Coaching and Consulting Solutions.



We will bring you to the next level of business.

Impacting your world through insight, innovation, and creativity...

N2ITIV specializes in executive and business consulting services, talent optimization, instructional design, and leadership development. Our team of experienced professionals leverage their deep industry knowledge, diverse expertise, and cutting-edge methods to solve the unique challenges our clients face.  

Our Commitment to you: We will help you to Think Intentionally, Plan Tenaciously, and Execute Boldly on your goals. Explore our website further to learn more.

We Pledge to you: Everyone has a lived story. At N2ITIV, we are committed to highlighting the diverse experiences and perspectives within all of us. Together we build a smarter and more inclusive tomorrow.  

At N2ITIV, we are proud of our unwavering commitment to giving back to the community. Through our various initiatives and partnerships, we strive to make a positive impact on the lives of those around us. Whether it's supporting local charities, organizing volunteer programs, or investing in educational opportunities, we are dedicated to creating a better future for all..

Over 25 Years of Experience

As trailblazers in the industry, we possess the expertise to facilitate measurable and substantial growth for both individuals and organizations.


Our Services

Executive Coaching

We provide personalized brain-based coaching to help you overcome your challenges and reach your full potential.

Talent Optimization

As an authorized Partner of Predictive Index, we work with you to ensure that you find the best candidate for the job.

Business Consulting

We collaborate with businesses to enhance their efficiency, operations, and strategic planning.

Instructional Design

We help you create educational materials and content tailored to your

brand's voice and tone, while also addressing your audience's needs and interests.

Leadership Development

Our leadership development courses and programs help individuals acquire the skills, knowledge, and abilities needed to become more effective leaders.

Keynote Speakers

Our experienced and skilled communicators provide valuable insights and perspectives using effective storytelling, specialized knowledge and expertise, and personal anecdotes.

Popular Courses


Progression Sessions Program


20 Modules

26 Hours

Ignite Program: Sparking Bold and Innovating Leadership


24 Modules

32 Hours

Elevate Emotional Intelligence

Professional Leadership

3 Modules

4 Hours

Elevate EQ For Sales

Professional Leadership

6 Modules

8 Hours

Elevate EQ For Sales Leaders

Professional Leadership

8 Modules

8 Modules

Mindset Potential - Growth Mindset

Professional Leadership

5 Modules

8 Hours

Behavioral Interviewing

Professional Leadership

4 Modules

6 Hours

Disrupt Bias with Neuroscience

Professional Leadership

5 Modules

4 Hours

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