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Think Intentionally, Plan Tenaciously, Execute Boldly: Our guiding principle promotes thoughtful decision-making, unwavering strategizing, and fearless implementation to achieve the utmost success and significantly influence your professional and personal pursuits.

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"What's so special about Chantell is that she quickly gets you comfortable being uncomfortable. She saw my potential long before things clicked for me, and she continued to mold me into the person that she knew that I could be."

Brittany C.

"I really enjoyed the leadership program... You certainly changed my mindset, professionally and personally. Thank you, Collen!

Tom L.

"Chantell has assisted me in becoming a better Jebbie, for which I'm truly thankful. Want to be good,? Read a book. Want to be great, work with a Coach."

Jebbie R.

"Really enjoyed our session yesterday... I gained lots of insights from Colleen, and I'm excited to build upon them."

Brian M.

"Trailblazers with fresh new ideas that are positively disruptive to the organization. N2ITIV challenges the norm with their leadership training expertise."

Stacy S.

"The training efforts on Leadership, Diversity and Inclusion, Emotional Intelligence have been critical to the development of my management team, their teams, and my personal development as a leader."

Tony K.

"We hired Chantell & N2ITIV to support our sales training program. She makes complex topics simple and helped to focus our sales team on understanding emotions and how it drives the decision making process. Her perspective is invaluable."

Nick P.

"Chantell has that rare leadership quality of whole brain thinking. A visionary, who brings the right people to the table, she provided tremendous guidance, coaching and support to curate the most engaging and impactful experience for the client."

Judy K.

"GREAT workshop Colleen! Thank you for your leadership and I look forward to having you return to host my team."

Jamie C.